Monday, April 4, 2016

4 most common yet important metrics in Google Analytics.

 4 most common metrics in Google Analytics.
Google analytics metrics 
Good thing about digital marketing is that it lets you understand, which of digital marketing strategies are working for you and which are simply proving waste of valued time and funds. This can be easily done with the help of Google Analytics . Any website owner or a digital agency can test new strategies to make informed business decisions about which strategies helping a website to achieve its defined KPIs.
Underneath I’ll explain 4 most common yet important metrics in Google analytics to measure a small business website KPIs. This blog will also illustrate how to set up your free Google Analytics account.

First of all you need to Set Google Analytics Account:

Follow these simple steps to create your free account in Google  analytics.
ØYou need to make a Gmail id first to sign in.
Ø  Click the ‘Start using Google Analytics’ button.
Ø  Fill the following essential details: your website’s URL & name, your name, the type of industry your website is built for & your time zone.
Ø  You need to select  the ‘Get Tracking ID’ button from the end of the page
Ø  After that you need to accept the terms and conditions.
Ø  Once you done with that Google will generate a snippet code – all you have to do is
copy this snippet & enter it onto every page of your website right before the end  of
</head> tag.
How to understand the 4 most common metrics in Google analytics.
Google Analytics help you to develop a variety of meaningful metrics linked to your website visitors & their online behaviors. By Understanding these 4 important metrics you will be able to uncover all your digital marketing campaign’s performance. These metrics are so useful if your a Freelancer or work in any S.E.O agency.  


This report will tell you: how your customers find your website and which digital channel originates them. For example you customer could come from social network sites, referral sites or from searching a keyword in search engine like Google. After looking at this report you will be able to understand which digital channel is acquiring more traffic to your website.


This section will help you figure out who visited your site where they come from, did they use mobile, desktop or tablet. Audience report contains series of useful insights, like location, device, interests and demographic.
If you want to check a visual path a visitor took to navigate your site, then you can do this with the help of behavior report. You can also see with this report, which part of your website is more engaged with user and which is not. This report is very useful for your content marketing.
This report helps to track the conversions on your website. In this section you can track your E-commerce transactions, amount of money your company has made, from which sources customer has come to your site (AdWords- Email- PPC- Referral). With the help of events you can also track other small conversions on your site like, click on a play button of a video, newsletter sign ups and any PDF download etc.

This is the first article for Small Businesses series. In further articles I will make sure to explain a simple and easy to understand step by step guide for fundamentals of digital marketing your online business. So these are 4 most common metrics in Google analytics.